Welcome to my corner of the digital hellscape ♥

Here you will find inane ramblings from yours truly, as well as an archive of all a significant amount of my art... perhaps even more!

This site could be mobile-friendly. Alas, I am a stubborn fucker with a burning hatred for smartphone web design, so it is not. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not. So, sorry for not being sorry.

You'll notice there are links both at the top of this box and on the sidebar. The links at the top target the iframe you're looking at right now, while the sidebar links open a smaller window as a popup.

As a final note, I'm not keen on censoring words or art. Although nothing explicit is hosted in this website, it is home to art that may disturb some and some very colorful language. Basically, there are horrible things that happen within these pages and if you are a child you should not be here.

That's about it, go explore some pages. Or don't? It's up to you.