Graphics I made. You can use them! Credit is very much appreciated.

Pixel art

Gay pride heart Lesbian pride heart Bisexual pride heart Pansexual pride heart Asexual pride heart Transgender pride heart Nonbinary pride heart Intersex pride heart Gay man/MLM symbol Lesbian/WLW symbol Transgender symbol Maromi from Paranoia Agent Nyatta from Nekojiru Baby Tattletail from Tattletail Koraidon from Pokémon Osomatsu from Osomatsu-san Karamatsu from Osomatsu-san Choromatsu from Osomatsu-san Ichimatsu from Osomatsu-san Jyushimatsu from Osomatsu-san Todomatsu from Osomatsu-san Toilet paper


Catboys meow! Catboys meow! (high contrast version) EndeavourOS Jesus kissed men... The Quick Brown Fox from Halley Labs Mayhem from Halley Labs Halley Labs Hey you! Wear a mask now! Cicadoidea


I am so fucking cute! Nobody Likes Me by The Northern Boys Hazbin Hotel


Alastor and Niffty from Hazbin Hotel Alastor from Hazbin Hotel Pilot Alastor from Hazbin Hotel Pilot Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel Miraidon from Pokémon Koraidon from Pokémon Sobble from Pokémon Sobble from Pokémon


Gay pride Lesbian pride Bisexual pride Transgender pride Nonbinary pride Asexual pride Asexual spectrum pride Aromantic pride Aromantic spectrum pride Alolan Raichu from Pokémon Appletun from Pokémon Shiny Celebi from Pokémon Eevee from Pokémon Gengar from Pokémon Makuhita from Pokémon Skitty from Pokémon Motorcycles from Akira Bob from Animal Crossing Camofrog from Animal Crossing DJ KK from Animal Crossing Redd from Animal Crossing Sonic Adraen from Halley Labs Aurastys from Halley Labs Fun Gang from Deltarune Kris from Deltarune Susie from Deltarune Ralsei from Deltarune Lancer from Deltarune Jevil from Deltarune King from Deltarune Sans from Undertale Papyrus from Undertale Ponyo Grizzco Industries logo from Splatoon Marie from Splatoon Agent 8 from Splatoon Sophie kissing Howl from Howl's Moving Castle Jayjay Falcon from Aviary Attorney Baby Tattletail from Tattletail Can you beelieve it? Cat poking the camera Dog eating watermelon Cicada on someone's hand Rhinoceros beetle on someone's hand Stag beetle on a tree stump Grass swaying with the wind Lumberjacks Law-Evading Rock by Neru Law-Evading Rock by Neru Snobbism by Neru Whatever Whatever Whatever by Neru Whatever Whatever Whatever by Neru This Is America by Childish Gambino