A not-so-brief introduction

Name's devils. Bruno works nicely as well. How very delightful to meet you!

I'm just a 25 year-old guything from that towel-shaped country known as Portugal. He/him or they/them.

I'm schizophrenic and lacking in a coherent identity- you may call me a system if you'd like, not really my place (or yours, for that matter) to diagnose me. I'd avoid calling myself more than one person, in fact I'd prefer it if you would refrain from referring to my collective self as different entities unless we're close.

I'm a bit of an Internet hermit nowadays, my main presence online is this site. I've grown attached to this whole indie web niche since I started learning HTML and CSS back in late 2020... it's in fact one of my biggest passions, along with drawing.

I'm also deeply interested in a variety of media (namely video games, animation and comic books), digital anthropology and learning all kinds of new things. I don't actively dislike a whole lot of things.